SiteRubix Review – The Magic Website Builder

Name: SiteRubix

Owner:Kyle and Carson

Training: 4.9 out of 5.00

Support:  5.0 out of 5.0

SiteRubix:  4.9 out of 5.0

Hosting: 5.0 out of 5.0

Price: Starter Membership (Free) 

Premium Membership: ($49/mth or $359/yearly)

What Is SiteRubix And What Makes It Stand Out

If one of your burning desires is to own a profitable and attractive website but you do not possess the technical skills to do so confidently, then SiteRubix is the tool that you need to almost magically build you that website, removing all the technical challenges that you would normally encounter.

SiteRubix is a hosting platform, more like a one stop shop. The creators of SiteRubix have simplified the building of websites to enable anyone who is desirous of building a website to do so with ease. Kyle and Carson combined their technical skills, experience and knowledge to create this incredible website builder that hundreds of thousands of persons have used to their advantage. This tool has made website building fun and you can have an attractive, profitable website up and running in just a few minutes and it is powered by


1. Creating websites that are responsive and can adapt to the screen size of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and iPad s.

2. You have 1000s of professionally designed website themes that you can choose from to create the unique website that you want.

3. You also have the freedom to change the appearance of your website at anytime.

4. You have an infinite number of features which you can add to your website simply by clicking a button.

5. Extending the functionality of your website as you add content and to get a professional look can be achieved with SiteRubix.

6. You can create fully and highly functional websites in seconds.

7. You do not need to be a website designer because all the technical challenges have been eliminated.

8. The hosting of your website can be done right within SiteRubix, no longer do you have to pay for the hosting of your website with another company and go through the challenges of synchronizing the two.

9. You receive double hosting of your website, that is, if one of your website stops working, Wealthy Affiliate can provide you with the replica of your original website, because there is a duplicate of your website running at all times, therefore you are fully protected from any mishaps.

10. SiteRubix provides your website with several layers of security that shields it, making hacking extremely difficult.

11. Your website is backed-up every 24 hours.

12. You can purchase your domain name directly from SiteRubix.

13. You can own as many as 25 free domains and 25 free websites.


1. I have to be honest with you and say that having been a user of this tool myself, I am not able to point to any flaws that would hinder this tool, then again, maybe a power outage.


The SiteRubix is for anyone who is desirous of owning an attractive, profitable and easy to create website. This tool is very user-friendly and is ideal for a newbie who knows nothing about the technical aspects of a website.


As a user of SiteRubix, the Wealthy Affiliate community would provide you with website support, coaching and all the training that you need. This community is the best in the entire affiliate marketing industry. The spirit of togetherness and the desire to help each other succeed is very obvious by the almost instant support and coaching provided by members of the community, as well as the owners.

With the help of the community and the training provided, you can build a beautiful website that you can be proud of. Within the community, there are experienced internet entrepreneurs who would give you invaluable feedback on your website to enable you to create the website that you have always imagined.

The Wealthy Affiliate community can also suggest some designs that would suit your need should you feel overwhelmed with the large number to choose from.

The Wealthy Affiliate community never sleeps, as a result, no matter what part of the world that you are operating from, there are always people available to give you support or coaching on any aspect of your website.


SiteRubix is the most competitive on the market today. It is user-friendly, that is, even newbies would appreciate how easy this platform is to use when building a website. Your website can be up and running in a few minutes. The step-by-step training is easy to follow and is presented in audio, video and live format. The entire community and the owners are always willing to help members. There is also free hosting, 2 free websites for starter members as well as a free starter account.

If you do not want the hassle of creating a website then SiteRubix through Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. SiteRubix makes creating a website fun!


Given that SiteRubix is one component of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, to access SiteRubix you have to become an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on this link ==> click here

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