Jaaxy Review – The Keyword Research Tool That Puts You Ahead Of The Competition

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is the most advanced web-based keyword and research platform in the affiliate marketing world today. It was created by two very successful affiliate marketers who happen to be the founders of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This tool can be used by affiliate marketers, bloggers, website owners etc. and enables its users to see what keywords that their competitors are using to rank high with the search engines.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are words or phrases that people put in the browser of a search engine when looking for information on specific subjects. Note, there are billions of keywords.

Do Keywords Add Value To Your Website?

Keywords are what determines your rankings on the search engines. They also determine how much traffic that you attract to your website on a daily basis; in other words, they are critical when it comes to making your website visible on the internet, thereby causing there to be more engagement with visitors.

Jaaxy Review

Product Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Creators: Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim

Website URL: https://www.Jaaxy.com

Product Type: Web-based Keyword Research Tool – 5.0 out of 5.0

Training: Walk-through Videos – 4.8 out of 5.0

Price: Starter (Allowed 30 free searches)

Pro: ($49.00 monthly with unlimited searches and includes the Starter – the most popular)

Enterprise: ($99.00 monthly with unlimited searches and includes the Starter and Pro.)

Affiliate Program: Pro – $8:00 monthly recurring and $80.00 yearly recurring

Enterprise – $20.00 monthly recurring and $200.00 yearly recurring

The Secret Is Exposed

In an earlier post of mine I indicated that over the years I have tried a number of online products and among them were some keywords research tools, none of which provided me with the data that I needed to help me rank high with the search engines.

After I became an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, I was advised that if I am truly serious about making consistent money online, that Jaaxy was one of the tools that I would want to invest in. Given that I am committed to having a successful online business, I followed the advice and today I am proud to say that Jaaxy has made life very easy for me when it comes to doing keyword searches. With Jaaxy, you can manage every aspect of keyword, website, competition and market research. Jaaxy offers quality, reliable and useful data.

Within Jaaxy there is a brainstorming feature which would enable you to determine what are the hottest products, and current search trends. Choosing your domain names are now at your finger tips. You can now do your domain search and purchase right within Jaaxy. There is no longer the hassle of having to go to another site to find domains.

Moving At The Speed Of Light

With one keyword search in Jaaxy, you would on average be presented with 291 new niche ideas in a matter of seconds. Over 8.7 New Keywords are revealed monthly from using this exceptional tool. Whether you are an internet marketer, a local marketing company, an SEO firm or a fortune 500 firm searching for keywords to put your business ahead of other businesses, Jaaxy is the way to go.

Additionally, users of Jaaxy no longer have to spend hours trying to find the ideal keyword as this tool is capable of conducting five different searches simultaneously and produces instantaneous results, thus allowing you to concentrate on the other aspects of your business.

Crush Your SEO Competition

The only way you can be ahead of your SEO competition is to make it your business to know what, how and why your competitors are doing what they are doing to rank high with the search engines. This analysis can be done simply by utilizing the Search Analysis Algorithm in Jaaxy, which would take the results from your search and show you exactly what the top ranked websites are doing.

To be successful, you have to have a clear understanding of how it success is achieved. Without any complicated market research, Jaaxy will show you how to reverse engineer websites, from keyword density, meta tags, alexa ranks, content and back link insights.

With Jaaxy, you can analyze rankings across Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SiteRank For SEO

Before the introduction of Jaaxy, it was very difficult to determine where your website ranked in the search engines. Jaaxy has made this process very easy, even an individual with little experience in technology is now able to see where their website ranks in Google, Bing and Yahoo and this is all done based on your keyword search. The information derived from Jaaxy will enable you to decipher which website search activities are leading to rankings and which ones are not.

In SiteRank, you can set up campaigns that would track rankings for your websites. The frequency of checking your website rankings is hands free and you will be notified within the Jaaxy platform of the performance of your website. All of those activities are done through automating your website.

Jaaxy Support – Committed To Your Success

Given that the aim everyone of us who join the online business community is to become successful online and experience what financial freedom is all about, you first step would be to become a member of the Jaaxy community, bearing in mind though that you can only access this platform through becoming an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

The support at Jaaxy is proactive, reactive, innovative, committed to providing you with the technology which would simplify every aspect of building a successful and fully automated website. The team is always available to provide you with the support that you need and is also open to suggestions or comments which would help improve on this already incredible product.

I am a user of the Jaaxy platform and I can testify that without this one-of-a-kind fully automated platform, my online business might have taken me years to build and automated but thanks to Jaaxy. I have a lot of free time on my hand to focus on other aspects of my business.  Save yourself the frustration of manually searching for keywords, try Jaaxy.

For continuous traffic to your website, join Jaaxy now.

Without Jaaxy, prepare for a long, rough road ahead.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment and I will respond to you.



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