How To Sell A House Online

When contemplating selling a house online, you would naturally want to make as much money as possible from the sale of the house, bearing in mind that there are a number of logistics that must be put in place, to ensure that the process of successfully selling the house online goes smoothly.

You also have to take into consideration how the climate of the market is going to impact your chances of selling the house.  Below is a list of the most critical things that should be considered when planning selling a house online.

  • First you have to be aware that selling a house without a realtor involves a lot of hard work and is time consuming.
  • To sell a house you would have to know what it is worth, therefore, you would need to identify a qualified real estate agent to value the house;
  • What form of advertising that you will use, social media sites, advertising on free advertising site with a for sale by owner advertisement or for sale by owner on paid advertising sites;
  • Arrange for viewings and seek feedback;
  • Getting all the necessary paperwork done;
  • There is also the option of creating a website to start your online store for free;

For Sale By Owner

The whole aim of selling a house without a the help of a real estate agent is to make as much money as possible from the sale of the house and doing so without an agent can definitely save you a lot of money.   Even with that, there will still be some money to be spent, which we will get into a little later.

Given that the house will be sold without an agent, there is a for sale by owner (FSBO)  flat fee which has to be paid in place of the traditional commission which would have been paid to a real estate agent.

Some of the things such as showing the house to prospects, taking photos of the property and negotiating contracts, which would have been done by the agent, would now have to be undertaken by the owner.

Successfully Selling A House Online

Statistics have shown that about 80% of persons who attempt to sell a house without the help of a realtor fail because of lack of preparation and knowledge of the process.

Once you follow the guideline in this article, you will definitely your odds of successfully selling a house online.

The first thing that you would want to do is to make the house attractive to buyers.  This can be done by taking a good look at the property and deciding if you were a buyer, what would make the property attractive to you.

You as the owner would need to do any form of improvement that would add value to the property and make it more pleasing to eyes.  You can address things such as, some remodeling, replacing appliances, landscaping and anything else that warrants some attention.

In other words, minimizing the number of things that a new owner would have to do to improve the property after purchasing it.

Evaluating A House Properly

One of the main challenges in selling a house, is the issue of overpricing.  Consulting with an expert to value the house is very important because this can determine when and whether the house sells.

Getting a true assessment of the value of the property is critical because potential buyers would do their own research on the climate of the market.

If you are not sure about asking a real estate agent to value the house, you can also seek the services of an Appraiser.  An Appraiser is also qualified to value a property.

Bear in mind that when evaluating a house, a number of things have to be taken into consideration such as, the location, the climate of the market, the condition of the house and the age of the house.

A House Inspection

Calling in a professional to inspect the house will allow you the seller to address any structural or other issues that may negatively affect the sale of the property.

While most issue can be addressed by the seller of the property, in cases where the budget does not allow for such repairs, the seller can negotiate with a buyer, taking into consideration the repairs that need to be done.

Advertising A House Correctly

Advertising a house for sale needs to be done in an effective manner because the seller wants to make the property as visible as possible.  Although marketing alone will not guarantee you sale of the property, it will definitely get you some better offers.

One of the most effective ways to advertise is to list the house with a paid, “for sale by owner site.”

However, before choosing one such site, make sure that the site has a high search engine rating, it is a user friendly site – that is, easy navigation, has quality listings, has high speed uploads and also offers extra services and sale tools.

Unlike paid FSBO sites, for the free FSBO sites, you have to upload you own photos, write your own descriptions and maintain your listing to keep it up to date.

Creating a website and using social media  is a great way to get the word around for free.

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Use Photographs To Enhance Sales Appeal

When using photos to advertise your property whether on social media or on your website, you must ensure that they are eye-catching and of high quality.  To take a high quality photo, there must be proper lighting, clarity and scale for the pictures.

In addition to the great photos, you can include professional-grade videos, area maps and detailed floor plans.  Browse different paid FSBO sites to see which of them is offering the most attractive package, thus increasing the odds of the house being sold.

Your aim here is to highlight all the positive things about the house.

Funding And Closure Of The Deal

One of the most critical aspects of selling property  that must be taken into consideration when a buyer shows interest in purchasing the house is, qualifying for the funding to execute the purchase.

Receiving a pre-approval letter from a purchaser accompanying the seller’s offer is one of the pre-requisites to purchasing property.  The pre-approval is an indication that the buyer will get the financing for the transaction.

If a buyer approaches you without a pre-approval letter, it would be wise to refer them to a mortgage broker who could verify the intended buyer’s finances.

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